Proof of the Pudding — Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock 2021

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center Phoenix and Mesa Arizona

SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2021, was another great turnout for Alice Cooper fans and curiosity on the Grand Opening of the new Solid Rock Teen Center in Mesa, Arizona. The 2nd location for the non-profit with the first in Phoenix.

It was a full day; stage being put up in back parking a lot along with local vendors. There were local sponsors that were there that gave generously to the teen center. The Mayor of Mesa and the school board officials all took their turn appreciating the new Center as well as local radio stations interviewing Alice live at the event.

Proof of the Pudding is a competition for teens to try out publicly at no cost, for the title of winner, cash prize and opening for Alice Cooper’s upcoming concert. The competition tryout was to last 8 days. There are 4 rounds with judges and the winner being chosen November 10, 2021.

Jake and I joined many others in passing out flyers and posters to many businesses and music stores such as Guitar Center and other popular populated areas.

The day of the event, we were asked to be TMs (“tour managers”) who were given band and guest speaker schedules and making sure they were on stage on time. There were many people attending the event both inside and outside, so keeping an eye on the clock and lineup was important.

It all went off well, as usual and Alice Cooper’s band played on the stage after sunset and dancers, teen bands had performed. I guarded the stairs to escort and always enjoy speaking with Mrs. Alice Cooper, Sheryl. Both are very humble; they bring their grown children each event and even the new grandbaby who was a joy to personally meet.

It has been like a family atmosphere for the staff, volunteers, and teens. We all love to help and be a part of the Cooper family’s dream. Bringing altogether as a safe place where the youth can come for free and find new opportunities and hope.

Until Christmas for the next main event.

Here is the link for information on the 4 rounds of tryouts for winner:

Alice Cooper and Jake — -Proof of the Pudding 2021
Alice and Jake Copyright of Ruthie Owen-Moreno







Cancer Awareness Advocate, Anti-bullying Advocate, Widow of Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior. Fought 5 years and lost his battle April 2022

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Ruthie Owen-Moreno (Ruthie Owen Moreno)

Ruthie Owen-Moreno (Ruthie Owen Moreno)

Cancer Awareness Advocate, Anti-bullying Advocate, Widow of Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior. Fought 5 years and lost his battle April 2022

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