The last stages of cancer and the love that goes with it. How would we want to leave this earth? With peace, lovr and faith
Jake , my best friend of 30 years.

To enjoy the beauty (the ups) fully, we must embrace the down time.

Within the last two weeks, my husband with Stage IV colon cancer of 5 years, Jake, learned from a very recent CT scan that his cancer was not only not maintaining anymore but it had grown more quickly than ever before. It is now in his liver, lymph nodes, abdomen, veins around his aortic valve and more lesions.

I asked his medical team if doing a Microwave ablation to his liver cancer spots to where they are pin pointed and basically microwaved to kill them. But his main Dr. told me that Jake does not have enough good liver left to sustain his life if done.

Only option left chemotherapy: There are hundreds of chemotherapy meds available to try and hopefully, one chemo cocktail will work. It has been 5 yrs. and I can’t tell you how many different chemo meds he’s been on.

In the last stages of cancer, it us said that fatigue, chronic pain and continuous weight loss are the main things to watch for. Those boxes can all be checked for him.

This morning he had to go to Emergency Room, because he was weak and could not keep anything down. So, I called the women in my circle of support including my other mother (MIL) and said what we needed to in order to support one another.

No matter what the outcome, without this journey, we would have never met the new special friends, traveled and followed this new chapter.

Many people’s favorite song is “Say” by John Mayer. It happens to be one of mine. Some day, when the dust all settles and life has taught us what God wanted us to know, will we have said what we need to say to those whom never asked for much but loved a whole lot and not expecting it in return?

It has nothing to do with ourselves and our pain/joy. It is about saying goodbye to someone who has always loved you. That is the sweetest thing we can do to end their suffering whenever that comes for anyone.

“Have no fear for giving in

Have no fear for giving over

You’d better know that in the end

Its better to say too much

Then never say what you needed to say again” John Mayer




Cancer Awareness Advocate, Anti-bullying Advocate, Widow of Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior. Fought 5 years and lost his battle April 2022

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Ruthie Owen-Moreno (Ruthie Owen Moreno)

Ruthie Owen-Moreno (Ruthie Owen Moreno)

Cancer Awareness Advocate, Anti-bullying Advocate, Widow of Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior. Fought 5 years and lost his battle April 2022

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