Orianthi picture taken by Ruthie Owen-Moreno

Christmas Pudding is a yearly much anticipated event put together by Alice and Sheryl Cooper, staff of Solid Rock Teen Center and many performers, charities, and local support. The artists who perform do so from the goodness of their heart knowing that the proceeds will be going toward the Teen Centers in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona.

These teen centers were a dream and vision for Alice and Sheryl Cooper years ago to help give the youth hope. A chance to come to a safe, free environment and learn art, how to play music, how to dance, videography, all that can help change a teen’s life from what may be a dark path and turn it into a positive new talent to grow from both mentally and physically.

Meeting new people and making friends, learning how to trust in doing that and creating bonds for life.

Alice brings in his past and present music industry performers, many well known to the public and they have, over the years previously, graciously come. They give up their guitars, artwork, signed memorabilia for a chance to be bought in auctions that happen between each performance. It never disappoints. The money that comes from the auctions are very generous and all go to the funding of the centers.

This year on the event list to perform were Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Ace Frehley (KISS), Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, and Sixwire. And my personal favorite Orianthi whom has played with Michael Jackson in his song “Beat it” (electric guitar solo), Richie Sambora, Lita Ford, Slash…..etc. and last but not least, Alice Cooper and his band who are always willing to perform.

Teen winners from the Proof is in The Pudding contest also performed as did the Solid Rock teen dancers choreographed by Hodgie Jo and Sheryl Cooper.

It was held at Phoenix’s Celebrity Theatre, a beautiful place with fantastic acoustics and a center stage that rotates.

Very well done, sponsors were many and another year of music, youth, and nonprofit fundraising for such a compelling cause.

Ace Frehley of KISS photo taken by Ruthie Owen-Moreno







Cancer Awareness Advocate, Anti-bullying Advocate, Widow of Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior. Fought 5 years and lost his battle April 2022

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Ruthie Owen-Moreno (Ruthie Owen Moreno)

Ruthie Owen-Moreno (Ruthie Owen Moreno)

Cancer Awareness Advocate, Anti-bullying Advocate, Widow of Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior. Fought 5 years and lost his battle April 2022

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